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Regional Partners: Orange County Business Council (OCBC)

OCBC members and investors are invited to attend the region’s premier economic development forum, where participants will hear from expert panelists from emerging industries on the actions needed to create jobs, restore competitiveness and secure California as a leader in economic growth. The forum is presented by Bank of America.

The OCBC represents and promotes the business community, working with government and academia, to enhance Orange County’s economic development and prosperity in order to preserve a high quality life. For more than 100 years, OCBC and its predecessor organizations have worked to develop America’s 6th largest county into the prosperous and thriving region that it is today. OCBC’s membership includes hundreds of Orange County’s leading businesses, cities and non-profit organizations representing an elite group from every industry cluster. 

A regional and state leader in research and advocacy, OCBC works to foster a healthy and competitive economic climate by focusing on four core initiatives: Infrastructure, Workforce Development, Workforce Housing and Economic Development.  OCBC is dedicated to ensuring Orange County thrives and its voice is heard at the regional, state and federal levels, helping to keep the county strong and competitive in a 21st –century global economy.

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Regional Snapshot:

View a Next 10 snapshot of Orange County's key demographic and economic trends, including population demographics, education attainment, household income, employment change by industry, unemployment levels, and job gains and losses.

Summit Briefing Book

Regional Forum Stories:

Road to the Summit: Lessons for California found in Orange County

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